Tailored retail security solutions to reduce loss



Our team of retail security guards are not only trained to help stores reduce loss and act as a powerful visual deterrent, they can also play a pivotal role in increasing ROI, improving brand image and boosting staff and customer retention.  Each and every security guard is highly trained to:

  • Recognise theft threats
  • Ensure customers and staff feel safe
  • Provide ongoing surveillance of all areas
  • Deter vandalism, fraud and internal-theft
  • Issue a civil recovery service to begin the process of reclaiming losses and costs directly from offenders.

All of our retail security officers carry the relevant SIA license, so you’re always guaranteed an individual or team of guards who are highly trained, knowledgeable, confident, trustworthy, with the ability to respond positively to very complex or stressful situations.



At OTS Security, we understand that you don’t have the time to monitor all customers who walk through the door. Our qualified, discreet store detectives can take on that responsibility, discreetly integrating themselves onto your store floor to be the required eyes and ears of your business.

If there is a problem, our staff are trained in dealing with conflict and can take control of any situation in a professional, low-key manner without drawing any needless attention to your store.

To make sure your security is at its best, select our retail store detectives to watch over your stock and staff and provide expert protection.

How can your retail security services improve internal and external shrinkage?

Our management team can work closely with you to understand the challenges your business is currently facing, whether that’s across one site or multiple locations. We can then offer clear and relevant data to help you make informed strategic decision to improve performance, whilst our highly trained guards can blend into your environment seamlessly.

How can manned guarding benefit my business?

In addition to delivering a strong visual deterrent to opportunist thieves, vandals and fraudsters, our security guards can ensure any suspicious activity is dealt with quickly and efficiently. From fire safety to first aid and emergency planning, our goal is to keep your stock, staff and customers safe.


Retail Security Services Tailored to You

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